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The game is enriched with beautiful graphics and friendly user experience. When you start playing you are awarded with FREE chips and gems to catch up. You can upgrade your XP level and become a pro by playing FREE games. You earn additional chips and gems by winning, and also buy more in our store. You also can shop cool add-ons like funny avatars and gifts for your friends. Yes, in Solitaire Champ you can send and receive gifts. There is also chat, so you can talk to your peers while playing. We also offer you very attractive promo-campaigns; where you can double your energy levels, receive goodies and many more. There is also a great starter pack for the first-time players.

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Solitaire Card Game Strategy

The game objective is to place all your cards of the same suite in the ascending order (from Ace to King) to the foundation piles. There are four foundation piles in the top-upper corner, when you are playing in a single-game mode. In order to do this you need to uncover all the cards you have in the tableau. The cards are stacked in the descending order and you can move them from one pile to another to flip the ones under. In case a tableau pile is free, you can place there new pile starting with the king keeping alternate colors. There are also the waistand the stock piles, where you can pick the top cards from and place them either to the foundations or to the tableau for building better pile. You can select either to play with 1 or 3 draws in the waist for each flip.

Solitaire Card Game Features

In Solitaire Champ you can play both in Online and Offline modes. At the start of the game you get FREE chips (coins) and gems to play. Moreover every hour we give you 50 more coins, how cool is that? There are regular promos with 2xchips, 2xgems and 2xchips and gems. AT the start you can get fantastic Starter Pack offer with 80% discount on the add-ons, chips, gems and magic.

There are different leagues for multi-player games to participate in FREE online Solitaire Champ card game tournaments. You even can design your own free solitaire league on different levels like country level or world league. You can invite your friends in this league and play like in default Solitaire Champ games with chips, XPs, gems and magic.

There are six game modes to choose from. You can challenge your friend or random opponent in "1 on 1" classic Solitaire or play by yourself in Vegas Solitaire and get real feeling of casino. You can compete with eight other players in real time tournaments, which are held in fast-pace mode with time limit of three minutes. You can also through daily challenges to you Solitaire Champ friends and receive challenges back. Daily challenges pop upevery day in certain time and by accepting them you can get more chips and gems.